306, 2014

Going Through Hair Boredom?

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Hey Curl Friends!
Long time, no talk. My freelance designing has picked up so I have had like 0 time to blog. Anyway, I’ve wanted to talk about what to do when you are going through hair boredom  Here are 6 suggestions.

Heatless Hair Boredom Ideas/Suggestions
1. Curlformers. (Or the knocks offs on amazon.com)
Product Used: Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter 
It is an easy fun way to have stretched out and beautiful heatless curls. It is a nice switch up from twist outs and wash & go’s. The first person to make me ever want to try these miraculous curling devices was a girl on YouTube named Mahogany Curls. She just makes everything look so easy. The only bad thing to mention is that they can be pretty uncomfortable when sleeping. If you are a stomach sleeper than you are probably fine. Oh, and make sure you wear a bonnet. It is easier to arrange them comfortably under there.


705, 2014

New Product Alert: Official Review – Miss Jessies Multi-Cultural Curls

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I haven’t seen an official review on this yet. I checked Google and YouTube and all I keep seeing is pillow soft curls and jelly soft curls reviews. Since Miss Jessies is offering free samples on their site, I ordered one (Oh, why not? It’s free).