203, 2014

HEAT DAMAGE…What do I do about it?

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I Hate These Unruly Straight Pieces!!!

By the way, my hair loves being cut. It looks better and cooperates more.

I just realized that I hadn’t officially completed an update of how I’m doing. I recently made the decision to go heatless. I’m not going to set a deadline of how long anymore; I will just go with the flow. If I am heatless for 6 months, great. A year? Even better. Two years? Awesome.


2202, 2014

Miss Jessie’s products helped give my hair life.

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Ok, so this is my own opinion. No one paid me to write this or bribed me or anything like that. The fact of the matter is, is that I love Miss Jessie’s products. These products have helped me to be able to get the MOST out of my wash & go’s. (Before I was using just shea butter & pro style brown gel…I know :-O)  I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs try to bash Miss Jessie’s for not using completely natural products, but I say to each their own. I’m not one of those ingredients Nazis. I do not know if the ingredients in Miss Jessie’s are all completely natural or not. What I do know is that these products work for me and they are not hurting my hair in any type of way. In fact, my hair just seems to love it. I have been able to achieve such lovely big spirally curls from using pillow soft curls, which is a styler*.

* A styler is a product that I apply to my hair after I have thoroughly moisturized my hair. It provides a light hold for less frizz but no crunch.


1602, 2014

My Staple Products For Wash Day! Poos & Condishes

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*Disclaimer: These products work for my hair type, texture & porosity. Results on your hair will vary.*

My hair type: 3b
My hair texture: fine
My hair porosity: low


702, 2014

Hair Porosity 101 — What does this mean?

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Knowing your hair’s porosity level is one key step to understanding and discovering the best ways to properly moisturize your hair.  Hair porosity is described as your hair’s ability to absorb water and how well the products and oils penetrate the hair shaft. The different ranges of porosity include low, normal, and high porosity.


202, 2014

Let’s Talk Oils

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photo via brownsugar
Putting oil is your hair is so very important. Can you believe that there are people out there who do not use any type of oil? I believe that it is because they fear that the oil will weigh down their hair or be too greasy. The thing about oil is that you can choose different ones that are heavier or lighter in consistency. For example, if you were to flat iron your hair and wanted it to be light & bouncy, then I would recommend one of the lighter frizz free oils like grape seed oil, jojoba oil, or argon oil.


3001, 2014

Palmers Deep Conditioning Protein Pack Product Review

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3001, 2014

Hello Naturalistas!

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I am so happy that I have finally started this blog. My voice can finally be heard…well read. I have so much to say that I feel as though I am about to burst.

Let’s see where do I start?  I suppose that I will do a short introduction.My name is Sara, I live in Chicago, and I have been natural all my life. Even though I have never had a relaxer, I have only been cherishing, embracing, and really caring for the well being of my natural hair for about 2 years.  I did not always understand how to take care of my hair properly. For the most part I was confused as a teenager. I thought that the best way to wear my hair was to straighten the life out of it. I mean I was OBSESSED with stick straight hair and was even fearful of letting people see me after I washed my hair.