1903, 2016

I Tried Younique Cosmetics

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Happy Saturday!

Spring is one of the best season to go on dates, play with eyeshadows, and switch up the lip color. Anything goes— from nude shades, intense brights, or soft pastel colors. I love nudes a lot on my eyes so that I can wear a bold lip. I’ve never been a fan of a bold lip and bold eyes; it just looks like too much.
Have you ever heard of Younique?
Younique is the name of a beauty brand that markets and sells almost exclusively through social media. They are the first direct sales company to do it. The concept behind Younique is to create quality beauty products that are free from harmful fillers, parabens and other toxic ingredients. The products that I tried from Younique were the

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette in Warm Palette #1 


910, 2015

Five Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics

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Have you heard the tea? The former black owned makeup brand called Black Up Cosmetics is no longer going to be black owned. Will you still support? If not, here are a few alternative choices.
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Written by michelleamanda.com
The black beauty community has been abuzz with the news that the French “black owned” brand geared for women of color, Black Up Cosmetics, would soon be carried by our beloved Sephora. No sooner than the big news was released there were rumblings that something in the milk might not be clean. Lakish of Blaq Vixen Beauty did some digging and shared her findings which primarily included allegations that Black Up may have pushed out their black founder in the shadiest of ways.

Black Up and Sephora have not yet released any official response to these troubling allegations. I have chosen not to support the brand (as much as I REALLY wanted to) until they release some sort of reasonable or logical response.
Instead I’ll be sharing 5 black owned brands that I choose to support instead.


408, 2015

What Girl Doesn’t Love Jewelry?

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I have a jewelry offer for you which includes something free!
Hey guys, this post is not natural hair related, but it may still be of interest.
Has anyone ever heard of Rocksbox? Well Rocksbox is a subscription box that gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry.


2504, 2015

The Black Women’s Expo 2015 Experience.

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Did you go to the Black Women’s Expo This Year?
Hello Lovelies,

Today I would like to discuss my experience of attending  The Black Women’s Expo (BWE) . This actually was my first time going. (I am not originally from Chicago.) I have heard all kinds of things about this event, which naturally heightened my anticipation for going. The dates for the event this year were March 27-29. I wasn’t able to attend all three days because of work, but next year, I plan on attending more days, if not all. I will also wear more comfortable shoes next time because I wore heals. *Insert face palm here*


902, 2015

Flare & Hair Event Coverage

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Over this  weekend was a whirl wind of craziness. Good craziness nonetheless. The Flare & Hair Event was a success with all different types of women attending. Some of them were natural and some of them weren’t, which was perfectly fine.
About The Location

The event was held at Curl Kitchen, which I have to say is beautiful and classy on the inside. Curl Kitchen is a natural and organic based hair care store located at 3428 S. King Drive Chicago, IL 60616 in the Bronzeville area. It is a Chicago-based retailer of hair care products tailored to those who wish to embrace their tresses naturally.  The owner, Claire,  is very knowledgable about the hair care products. I enjoyed having a discussion with her about the upcoming hair products coming to the shop and the Chicago Natural Hair Bloggers. Curl Kitchen is connected to a natural hair care salon called Huetiful.  The Huetiful Salon is exclusively focused on providing healthy hair treatments for women with natural or processed hair, wavy, curly, or kinky-curly type and textures.