Should You Be Using Machines?

By |October 12th, 2017|Collaboration, Fitness|0 Comments

This is a collaboration article with the fitness professional,  John Hall of John Hall Studios.
If you were to walk into any fitness facility, most likely you will see a combination of machines and free weights. You will notice that some people only use machines and some people just use free weights. I have personally noticed that a lot of people rely heavily on machines when working out because that is what they see on social media. It is essential to be able to do exercises in less stable situations because it will be more helpful in everyday life.

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My coach, John, recommends against using certain types of machines, for example, the leg press machine. The reason given is that the strength gains will not transfer to a less stable environment (they are less “functional”), where some degree of balance is required. Specific machines will make you bigger and stronger, but they don’t train the normal human movement patterns that are necessary to move.