Five Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics

By |October 9th, 2015|Lifestyle|3 Comments

Have you heard the tea? The former black owned makeup brand called Black Up Cosmetics is no longer going to be black owned. Will you still support? If not, here are a few alternative choices.
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The black beauty community has been abuzz with the news that the French “black owned” brand geared for women of color, Black Up Cosmetics, would soon be carried by our beloved Sephora. No sooner than the big news was released there were rumblings that something in the milk might not be clean. Lakish of Blaq Vixen Beauty did some digging and shared her findings which primarily included allegations that Black Up may have pushed out their black founder in the shadiest of ways.

Black Up and Sephora have not yet released any official response to these troubling allegations. I have chosen not to support the brand (as much as I REALLY wanted to) until they release some sort of reasonable or logical response.
Instead I’ll be sharing 5 black owned brands that I choose to support instead.