3003, 2015

CoCo Curls Product Review

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Hello Lovelies,

Official Coco Curls Product Review
I am sharing with you all today my experience using Coco Curls Products. The three products that I received  were the hydrating shampoo, the revitalizing conditioner, and the moisturizing styling cream. I have decided to try these products on a wash & go,  since wash & go’s are my “go-to style.” (Side Note: I will be trying it on a twist out at a later date, so stay tuned on my Facebook and/or Instagram.) The best part using these products is knowing that they are plant-based.


903, 2015

Natural Hair FAQs, Version Two.

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Here some frequently asked questions that I received via email, instagram, etc. and I decided to answer them on the blog  just in case anyone else was wondering the same thing. Enjoy!
Question # 1
Q – What exactly is a co-wash and how does it defer from a pre-poo? All of this stuff is confusing to me.

Some of the conditioners that I have used for co-washing
A – It can be confusing at first. A co-wash simply means to wash your hair with conditioner. There are some specialized co-washing cleansers such as As-I-Am Coconut Cleansing Co-wash or Wen, but I really do not see a huge difference between those and just regular conditioners. Also, co-washing can really help with the detangling process because there is slip. The reason people co-wash is because washing hair with shampoo too often can sometimes be stripping; as in stripping the scalp of its natural oils. A pre-poo mean a pre-shampoo treatment. This usually involves all oils, or a conditioner mixed with oils, and sometimes honey. A pre-poo helps make the shampoo process less stripping.