1210, 2017

Should You Be Using Machines?

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This is a collaboration article with the fitness professional,  John Hall of John Hall Studios.
If you were to walk into any fitness facility, most likely you will see a combination of machines and free weights. You will notice that some people only use machines and some people just use free weights. I have personally noticed that a lot of people rely heavily on machines when working out because that is what they see on social media. It is essential to be able to do exercises in less stable situations because it will be more helpful in everyday life.

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My coach, John, recommends against using certain types of machines, for example, the leg press machine. The reason given is that the strength gains will not transfer to a less stable environment (they are less “functional”), where some degree of balance is required. Specific machines will make you bigger and stronger, but they don’t train the normal human movement patterns that are necessary to move.


1303, 2017

John Hall Studios Chicago Bootcamp

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Hey You!
Looking to get fit by summer?
Summer is so close. Get those summer bodies right and tight!

A lot of people ask me about the studio where I train. I’ve been going to John Hall Studios in the heart of the West Loop. For the month of April, you can join the Spring Bootcamp session for only […]

1303, 2017

What You Need To Know About Supplements And Nutrition

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Supplements And Nutrition Information
Since I began my fitness journey, I have always been curious about workout related supplements. On social media, I’ve noticed that there are many personal trainers and fitness professionals promoting them. The information available about supplements is sometimes misleading and/or conflicting.


1202, 2017

Drinking This Has Helped Me

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Drinking This Has Helped Me
In the few past weeks, I had taken a nutrition course at John Hall Studios, where I learned about all about the way that food affects your body, positively and negatively. I also learned about benefits of drinking lemon water. Now, I’ve seen this information floating around Pinterest and Facebook before, but I have always ignored it because there are so many fad things or fad diets happening on the internet.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking lemon water:


1301, 2017

8 Professional Tips For A Flatter Stomach

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8 Professional Tips For A Flatter Stomach
Original article written by Sherwood Grant, ISSA Certified, Professional Fitness & Health Trainer. Paraphrased and edited by Sara.

“Endless abdominal machines, crunch boards, sit-up devices, and tortuous torso routines promise flat bellies and chiseled abs. Hardly a one of them worth a damn, mainly because their makers show little understanding of human anatomy.”

– Dr. Michael Colgan, Fitness Expert
1. Nutrition

Nutrition is the most important component to achieving a flat stomach. Nothing is more important than food.

1805, 2016

10 Pre-Summer Beauty & Natural Hair Tips

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Get Ready For The Hot Weather With These 10 Pre-Summer Beauty & Natural Hair Tips.
1. Stay moisturized.
Whenever the weather stops being so dry, we tend to let up on the moisturizer, but do not skip it completely. A solid moisturizing routine can do so many beneficial things for your complexion! Dry skin doesn’t look good on anyone, so apply a daily facial moisturizer to protect it from drying agents like the sun, salt, and chlorine.

2. Exfoliate.
A gentle facial exfoliation will help keep your skin free of clogged pores and create a better canvas for makeup application. Reserve your exfoliating time for the evening because newly exfoliated skin can be sensitive. Try following up with a facial icing to close pores. Facial icing simply means rubbing an ice cube on your face until it melts.


1903, 2016

I Tried Younique Cosmetics

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Happy Saturday!

Spring is one of the best season to go on dates, play with eyeshadows, and switch up the lip color. Anything goes— from nude shades, intense brights, or soft pastel colors. I love nudes a lot on my eyes so that I can wear a bold lip. I’ve never been a fan of a bold lip and bold eyes; it just looks like too much.
Have you ever heard of Younique?
Younique is the name of a beauty brand that markets and sells almost exclusively through social media. They are the first direct sales company to do it. The concept behind Younique is to create quality beauty products that are free from harmful fillers, parabens and other toxic ingredients. The products that I tried from Younique were the

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette in Warm Palette #1 


910, 2015

Five Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics

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Have you heard the tea? The former black owned makeup brand called Black Up Cosmetics is no longer going to be black owned. Will you still support? If not, here are a few alternative choices.
Featured Post — Original Story here:
Written by michelleamanda.com
The black beauty community has been abuzz with the news that the French “black owned” brand geared for women of color, Black Up Cosmetics, would soon be carried by our beloved Sephora. No sooner than the big news was released there were rumblings that something in the milk might not be clean. Lakish of Blaq Vixen Beauty did some digging and shared her findings which primarily included allegations that Black Up may have pushed out their black founder in the shadiest of ways.

Black Up and Sephora have not yet released any official response to these troubling allegations. I have chosen not to support the brand (as much as I REALLY wanted to) until they release some sort of reasonable or logical response.
Instead I’ll be sharing 5 black owned brands that I choose to support instead.


3009, 2015

Fall In Love With Your Curls Event!!

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Chicago Naturalistas!!!
Please join me at this event as I will be sharing hair stories and answering curly questions, along with Cortney, the owner of Discover Tré Luxe, and fellow blogger Takeya Monique. I am so excited!!! There also will be fall inspired food and drinks. Hope to see you there. Did I mention that it was […]

409, 2015

Product Review On Fro Butter

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Fro Butter Review
Hello Natural Peeps,

Today, I am about to mix things up a bit. I usually do a product review and test the product on myself, but in this particular review, I used the product on my  fiancé, Taye. He has really long  beautiful locs. Since I normally do his hair all the time anyway, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to feature his locs in this product review.

The product is called Fro Butter, have you heard of it?

About Fro Butter
There are four different types to choose from. There is Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Emu Oil, and Fro Butter Baby. The Jamaican black castor oil butter helps reduce shedding and helps those with thinning hair. The peppermint oil butter is really beneficial for course and dry hair. The peppermint in the formula helps relieve a dry, itchy scalp. It is perfect for locs and twists. The emu oil butter is great for those who are having a hard time getting their hair to grow. It also helps heat damaged hair. The fro butter baby is a formula that works for all hair types. It is rich in carrot seed oil and leaves hair feeling soft and hydrated.